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C-3 and ANT-18 Fuselage Parts



Part Part Description
Runway Localizer
Sensitive Altimeter
Simulated Gyro
Simulated Gyro Cable Bracket
Vertical Speed Indicator
Replacement Instrument Shell
Aileron Turn Action Bracket & Bellcrank Assembly
Belt Tightener Clamp Plate
Fluorescent Lamp
Fluorescent Bulbs
Fluorescent Light Starters
Hood Bracket
Lateral Shock Absorber Lever
Plywood Wings
Plywood Wing Mounting Brackets
Plywood Wing Support Struts
Horizontal Stabilizer Support Struts
Horizontal Stabilizer Support Brackets
Spin-Trip Assembly (Bank Turner)
Turn Indicator Regulator Bellows
Stall Valve Regulator Bellows
Air Conductor Elbow Assembly
Manifold Assembly
Aileron Valve
Elevator Valve
Spin Valve Assembly
Seat Support Bracket
Seat Dowel Assembly
Rudder Mounting Brackets (for stationary type rudder)
Rough Air Generator
Rib and Fabric type Wings
Aileron Valve Control Rod
Air Speed Bellows Rod
Elevator Valve Actuation Rod
Pitch Compensator Rod
Tachometer Control Rod
Compass Correction Card Holder
Gas Gauge ON/OFF Legend Plate for the Instrument Panel
Radio Volume Legend Plate for the Fuselage Control Box
Microphone Legend Plate for the Fuselage Control Box

Other parts available for the ANT-18
and C-3 Link Trainers

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